International Rugby

September 22, 2017 Matt

International Rugby – A Look At Things To Come

SportApp knows that when it comes to rugby, the wait between matches can be a living hell for fans of the game. We want to see some rugby, and we want to see it now. With the international rugby not due to kick back off until the autumn time, we’re taking a look at some of the matches which are going to be exploding onto your screens in November.

Barbarians Vs New Zealand

Kicking off the action will be the Barbarians and New Zealand, who will lock horns here in our very own Twickenham Stadium in London, on the 4th of November. This marks the revival of an age-old rivalry between the two, which dates all the way back to 1973. SportApp knows that this will be a match to remember, and it’s something all rugby enthusiasts will want to see, so that’s why we’ll be making sure you get a reminder about it on your app.

England Vs Argentina

Taking place on the 11th of November, our English team will be facing Argentina, again at Twickenham stadium, and the team here are excited about this game. This will be our very first match of the month, and it does look to be a good game for the English. We’ve played 22 test matches against the Argentinians over the years, and we’ve won 17 of those matches to their 4. We can only hope that this streak of luck and victory will continue and that we’ll be taking home win number 18.

Ireland Vs South Africa

Next up on our list of matches which are being played in November will see the Irish square off against the South Africans. Being played the same day as the first game of the English, Ireland will have the home advantage as they play in Dublin against the team mustered by South Africa. It certainly looks to be a good match, and one you should see if you can. SportApp, the rugby reminder app, will be making sure that this game is available for you to set reminders for in your app, so you never miss a game..

Scotland vs Australia

The last, but by no means least match that we’ll be looking at here is the Scottish coming into conflict with Australia in a clash of fierce rivals. They’ve come close to winning two years running, and this summer saw Scotland finally manage to beat the Australian team. We’re sure that they’ll be hoping to replicate that win again on the 25th, and Australia will be equally determined to stop them. We’ll be uploading the match onto our system closer to the time, so anyone with SportApp, the rugby reminder app, can get a reminder when these two great teams will be clashing.

Overall, these are just a few of the matches which are going to be going on in November, and we know they’re going to be good ones. These aren’t just the only matches which are going on, and our rugby reminder app will let you know in advance when all of them are going to start, so you don’t miss the matches that are important to you.