International Cricket

September 22, 2017 Matt
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International Cricket – News And Matches To Come

The international cricket is getting well underway, and we’ve already seen some very impressive plays from teams all over the world, all of whom are competing for the top spot. We at SportApp, the cricket reminder app, have been following the competition with a close eye, and we’re going to be looking at some of the latest news and also what’s still to come.

The News

The recent matches have been well played, and full of energy. All the teams involved have given it their all, but there was always going to be a clear winner and a clear loser. The 19th of September, which was a Tuesday, saw England take on the West Indies. The English did win the game after a hard fought match, managing to take victory by seven wickets. The Sunday before that, which was the 17th, saw India and Australia lock horns in an excellent display of cricket, which ended with the win for India by 26 runs. Regarding what is going on today, the 21st, All the teams will play each other again, so it’s worth checking in over the next few days to see who’s won this time around. We are keen to see who’s managed to win it all, so we’ll be watching and waiting for the results.

So what’s to come?

Regarding what is to come, there’s a broad range of games which are coming up that you don’t want to miss. India and Australia will again be clashing, and England and the West Indies will also be competing once more. There are multiple chances over the coming week for both teams to do well and pick up a win or two, so we’ll see some good games of cricket as people give it their all to stand in the top spot with pride. Thursday the 28th will see a whole new set of teams come up to play, as Pakistan will face Sri Lanka, and South Africa will go up against Bangladesh in what we’re sure will be a brutal set of games. If you’re using our sports reminder app, then you won’t miss any of these matches as they happen, because our reminder function will give you a heads up from 5 minutes to 1 week before if you set it to do so, so you can make sure that you’ve cleared your schedules and are ready to kick back and watch.

Overall, it has been a very varied set of games played recently in the world of international cricket, and we’re sure that all the matches which are to come will be of the same high quality and standard that we’ve come to expect from all of the teams who are competing in this year’s games. If you’ve been using our sports reminder app, then you’ll know that the fixtures for every stage of the competition will be uploaded for you, and then you can set the reminder system to ensure that you don’t miss the start, middle or end of any of the matches you want to see.
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