International Boxing

September 22, 2017 Matt

International Boxing – Previews Of Things To Come

International Boxing has seen some beautiful matches this week, with people from all corners of the world stepping up to take their swing. However, with those matches now concluded and over, people are looking to the future and to the next set of games which are coming up. We at SportApp, the boxing reminder app, are going to take a look at some of the matches that you could well be watching in the next few weeks.

What’s Big In The World Of Boxing?

First and foremost, the clash of titans between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz is something that a lot of boxing fans are talking about, and it has been hyped up to be a hotly anticipated match. The two are competing for the title of world heavyweight, and they’re both star players who haven’t been beaten yet. Wilder has done very well for himself, having a 38-0 winning streak thus far. However, Ortiz is no pushover, having won a very commendable 27 wins without a single loss, making this a huge match for the pair of them, with not just the title on the line, but also to keep their win streaks uninterrupted. Wilder is currently the champion and the titleholder of the world heavyweight king, whereas Ortiz is the contender from Cuba who’s got something to prove. We are very excited for this match to happen, and we’ll be counting down the days until November when we see these two clash in the ring.

However, Wilder has his sights set on other competitions besides the one with Ortiz and has recently called out Anthony Joshua for a match that could well happen in the new year. Starting from the gauntlet that was thrown down in the summer, Wilder now says that he is a heavyweight with ‘real knockout power’, and is eager for the chance to lock horns with Joshua, who currently holds the WBA, IBF and IBO belts. There is no guarantee that these two will find themselves opposite each other in a ring, but it is certainly a possibility at this point, with Wilder making an open point of challenging Joshua for the chance to face him.

Overall, the tension in the world of international boxing is building up to a crescendo as we wait for one of the most anticipated matches of the year, and also watch to see if another game will come into existence as one veteran calls out to another and throws down a gauntlet. The match that we will see is sure to be an explosive affair and will showcase two very powerful contenders battling it out to see who truly is the best in the game. If you’re using our sports reminder app, then you’ll know that we’ll make sure the fixtures for the matches that are coming up will be set into the system so you can set reminders for them. There will be other matches besides these, and they all look to be incredible, and SportApp, the boxing reminder app, will make sure that you do not miss a single one.

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