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September 22, 2017 Matt

US American Football – What’s Been Going On?

In England, when people say ‘football’, they often think of something which is completely different over in the US. American football is fast, furious and often quite brutal, but it is incredibly fun to watch. We will be taking a look at some of the games which are set to be played, and how the scoreboard looks at this point.

The Scores – Who’s At The Top?

The scoreboard is currently reflecting who is in the top spots, and we have gone to take a look and see who’s top dog at this point. The Denver Broncos are currently sitting in the top position, and are looking to have done quite well for themselves, with both of their games resulting in wins. The Pittsburgh Steelers are just behind them and hot on their heels for first place, having an equal number of wins but just a few fewer points overall. The Miami Dolphins are in a reasonable third place, with one win and one loss making them the best team in the tournament to not have a perfect streak thus far in the competition. However, this is in sharp contrast to teams like the Indianapolis Colts, who currently sit at the bottom of the table with no wins and some 40 points less than the Denver Broncos.

So What’s Going To Happen Regarding Future Games?

There does look to be some good games going on in the future, which those who are using SportApp would know. Thus far, we’ve got the Denver Broncos squaring off against the Buffalo Bills on the 24th of September. It will be interesting to see if the Broncos can hold their position at the top of the table, as another win would be perfect for them. Their opponents the Bills currently sit at number 8 in the table with a win and loss, so a victory against the Broncos would be helpful for them to climb up the positions and edge closer to the top.

The number two team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are set to play against the Chicago Bears on the same day and will determine whether they can compete with the Broncos for the top spot or whether they find themselves dropping down a point or two. The Bears themselves are a capable force when they put their minds to victory, but you’ll just have to wait and see if it is going to be enough to secure a win. SportApp will be able to notify you when the match is due to take place, so you never miss out on the game you want to see.

Overall, these are just a few of the matches that are going to be taking place over the next week or so. The Denver Broncos currently lead the table and have done well to take the pole position, but with the next few games coming up there’s no security up in the top spot, and it could be taken from them by anyone in the few positions just behind. If you have our sports reminder app then you could use it to notify you of what’s going on, as the times in America are different, you don’t want to miss the action, so make sure you’ve got those reminders set.

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