English Premier League 2017/ 2018

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English Premier League – Recent Events and News

The Premier League has seen some excellent football over the past few weeks. A range of teams have all stepped up and tried to outdo their foes, and for some the results were good, and for others, they were less than spectacular. SportApp, the sports reminder app, is going to be taking a look at some of the crucial events which occurred in the recent stages of the Premier League, so you are fully informed on what is going on.

Manchester City Is Doing Well

This sports reminder app knows that it has been a big week for Manchester City, as they have shown that they’re a team not to underestimate. They have not one, but two strong players up in the front, and they go by the names of Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero. Both of them are incredibly talented players, and they’ve shown off their skills multiple times in the past week or so, smashing Watford aside with a show-stopping 6-0 on Saturday just passed. Professional commentators have praised the partnership between the two males and likened it to the legendary company of Andy Cole and Dwight York, who played for Manchester United back in the 1980-90’s.

A Lot Of Other Teams Are Sadly Not

However, SportsApp, the sports reminder app, has noticed that recent play has not been as good for a lot of other players. Watford, as mentioned above, failed to score even a single goal during their match, and other teams such as like West Ham, Chelsea and even Arsenal have had difficulties in finding the net during games. For Arsenal, this is a particular problem, because they have not been able to score a goal in three of five opening games thus far, and this phenomenon is the first occurrence of its kind in 19 years, so it is a definite cause for concern.

All in all, SportsApp, the sports reminder app, has seen the plays which have happened thus far in the tournament, and it’s been a mixed success regarding prowess on the playing field. If you were looking at our sports reminder app, you’d know that Manchester United are due to lock horns with Southampton on Saturday, Everton will play Bournemouth and Liverpool goes head to head with Leicester City. All the games look to be significant ones, and not something you want to miss. Thankfully, those of you with SportApp, the sports reminder app, will find that you can have reminders set for you, so you’ll know ahead of time that the game is about to start.

To summarise, it’s been a very impressive start to the Premier League. While not every team has done exceedingly well, we have seen some quality football being played, and there have been some star players shine through. With Manchester City on the road to the top at a furious pace and some of the bigger names in the tournament not doing as well as they’d like, it looks to be anyone’s guess as to how the rest of the match will pan out over the next month or so.
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